Turin has the most important Jewish Community in Piedmont and the third largest in Italy.    It is one of the twentyone Jewish Communities in Italy gathered under the UCEI (Union of Italian Jewish Communities).  It has three structures:  the synagogue, the school, and the retirement home.

Comunità Ebraica di Torino -
Piazzetta Primo Levi, 12
tel. +39 (11) 6508332
fax. +39 (11) 6691173

The monumental synagogue, of eclectic architecture designed by E. Petit, was completed in 1894. Since 1971 the lower ground floor houses a new synagogue that is used daily, with furnishings originally from the synagogue of Chieri

The Infant and Junior Schools (Grant-maintained/Charter) “Colonna e Finzi” and the lower secondary school “Emanuele Artom”, are owned and run by the Jewish Community of Turin. They are open to Jewish and non-Jewish children.

The Retirement Home “Salomon e Augusto Segre” is an entity that provides hospitality for the whole region. It houses the aged both enrolled and not enrolled in the Jewish Community of Turin.

News and
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  • Fundraising for the Conservation of the Great Synagogue of Torino

    TECHNICAL REPORT: PIAZZETTA PRIMO LEVI 12, TORINO At the close of 2017, subsequent to finding some debris fallen from the cornice of the Great Synagogue, the affected zones were inspected with appropr...

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The Jewish Community of Turin, very active in maintaining its historic roots and in educational activities, has been the focal point in the cultural life of the city for many years.

"The awareness of our own Jewish identity and the duties and responsibilities connected to it are symbols of the covenant of life between God and his people"

The Jewish Community of Turin comprises the regions of Alessandria, Asti, Acqui Terme, Carmagnola, Cherasco, Chieri, Cuneo, Ivrea, Mondovì and Saluzzo.

According to the Jewish tradition Festivals - חגים mean days in which a particular event is remembered or a certain time of the year is celebrated.

The full calendar of events, appointments and activities of the Jewish Community of Turin.